Christian Services for the Blind provides audio resources for totally and partially blind people and for sighted people who cannot read normal print due to disability.

Currently CSFBHI has a library of some 650 religious/spiritual/denominational audio titles. These are distributed by Vision Australia (VA) to members of CSFBHI, and in New Zealand by the Blind Foundation (NZ). Vision Australia, a secular organisation to which CSFBHI members have library access, has some 30,000 titles of many genres and subjects available to members in Daisy format. (VA provides dedicated players to members for this purpose.)

Services offered

  • Free library service*: some 30,000 audio books are available via phone service data link to dedicated Daisy players, home computer or smartphone. Types of books include biographies, mission adventures, human interest, sermons, the Bible, Bible studies (including the weekly Bible Study Guide), Seventh-day Adventist denominational, health and lifestyle, education and travel
  • Free content delivery in Australia and New Zealand
  • Catalogue (print) on request or download from Resources page on this website
  • Some large print resources, including weekly Bible Study Guides on request
  • Connections to other Christian content services worldwide

* some conditions apply

Related Websites

Vision Australia (VA)

Vision Australia is a partnership between people who are blind, sighted but unable to read print, or have low vision. Vision Australia is a national blindness and low vision service provider. Vision Australia was formed in July, 2004, following the merger of the Royal Blind Society (RBS), the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind (RVIB), Vision Australia Foundation (VAF), and the National Information Library Services (NILS), creating Australia’s first truly national blindness agency. VA holds all CSFBHI content in digital format, which is instantly available to members via a dedicated phone network player.

Blind Foundation (NZ)

The Blind Foundation (NZ) is the supplier of CSFBHI audio product on CD in that country.

Christian Record Services, Inc (Est. 1899)

Christian Record Services, based in Nebraska, USA, is an international ministry to the blind and visually impaired. They provide, free, inspirational reading materials in large print, Braille and audio CD for visually-impaired persons. They also run camps for the blind in the USA. They currently serve blind people in some 70 countries, including CSFBHI members in Australia.

Royal Blind Society

Royal Blind Society aims to assist people who are blind or vision impaired to maintain independent and fulfilling lives.

Helpful websites for the blind and their carers