We encourage the awareness, inclusion and participation of the Deaf and hard of hearing.

Services offered

Assistive Listening System

FREE TRIAL LOAN to Adventist churches of an Assistive Listening System [ALS] for the hard-of-hearing that uses wireless technology for the listener, improving audio clarity and significantly reducing background noise. We subsidise the cost for churches who purchase an ALS, as do some Conferences. See Resources for more details and/or contact us.

Hope Sabbath School Live Captions

Watch Hope Sabbath School lesson online with live captions. Be sure to select the CC button on the bottom menu of the screen to enable the captions.

Videos with Edited Closed Captions

We are increasing the availability of video programs with edited closed captions as well as programs interpreted into Auslan. Go to Resources.

Online Christian Deaf Group

A Christian Deaf group for Auslaners hopes to meet regularly online in 2023. Contact us to be kept up to date.

Australian Communication Exchange

If you have a hearing impediment or speech impediment and are in Australia, you can use the ACE (Australian Communication Exchange) national relay service to contact us or anyone else. Here is how to use this service:

  1. You require a teletypewriter or a computer.
  2. Using your teletypewriter (TTY) or computer, call 13 24 44 to contact the ACE Relay Service.
  3. You then give the phone number of the person you want to contact to the ACE Relay Officer.
  4. The relay officer inputs the number and will relay everything you type to the person you are contacting.

For more information, phone 1800 629 863 (free call for TTY) or 1800 652 201 (free call for computer or voice), or visit www.aceinfo.net.au.

Alternatively, you can write to:

Australian Communication Exchange Ltd
252 Annerley Road
Dutton Park Qld 4102

People who do not have a speech or hearing impediment can use this service to talk to a speech or hearing impaired person by calling 13 25 44.

Related websites

SDA Deaf Church Down Under

Contains a wide range of Auslan-signed and captioned videos, news and interesting deaf-related connections.


Contains captioned video of Bible themes, nature and relationships.

Adventist Deaf Ministries International (ADMI)

Provide a range of services to the deaf worldwide.

Deafness Forum of Australia

Links to local and international organisations providing services to the deaf.

Deaf Bible School

Contains free online Bible studies.

Deaf Connect

Be connected with other deaf people around the world, you can also choose your local region — Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands by clicking on the <Email Directory> link on the website.

Amazing Facts Sabbath School study hour

Weekly Sabbath School lessons with closed captioning (don’t forget to click on the CC symbol).

Did you know...

  • Approximately 7.5% of Australians aged 15 years and over suffer hearing impairment of some kind.
  • Hearing impairment is the second largest disability group in Australia.
  • Hearing loss can be an incredibly lonely experience.
  • Please contact us if you are hearing impaired or know of someone who would benefit from our services.