Christian Services for the Blind & Hearing Impaired offers a scholarship worth up to AU $2,000 annually.

Christian Services for the Blind & Hearing Impaired offers a scholarship worth up to AU $2,000 annually. The aim of the scholarship is to support individuals dedicated to making a beneficial contribution in the lives of those with deafness, vision or hearing loss or physical limitations affecting their access to the Adventist community programs and resources (hereon referred to as accessibility needs). The financial assistance is intended to alleviate the financial burden associated with pursuing specialised training in the area of accessibility.

The following guidelines outline the overall eligibility for receiving and accepting the scholarship:

  1. Educational Focus: The scholarship may be available to those who enrol in training programs or courses that directly assist people with the need for accessibility options. These could encompass a range of areas such as sign language, accessibility design and conformity for website content and printed materials, conversion of text to braille and other related areas. Applicants need to be already enrolled in a certified program.
  2. Progress Reports: Scholarship recipients will be asked to provide progress reports detailing their journey, experience and achievement throughout the course. These reports serve as a source of inspiration for others and encourage a culture of service, compassion and possibilities.
  3. Publicity: Agree to the use of progress reports for promotional purposes. Additionally, to provide graphic images either as photos, video or in person as requested. Recipients agree to have their story and images used for the promotion of CSFBHI, the scholarship and news reporting relating to it (however the recipient is not required to endorse either CSFBHI or the Adventist church).
  4. SPD: Recipients need to reside within the South Pacific Division region
  5. Minimum Age: Applicants age should be at least 16 years old, with under 18’s needing parental permission.

If you have a suggestion that is not covered by these guidelines but is in the spirit of the scholarship please contact us.

Application Format:

  • typed with full contact details of applicant and parents (if under 18).
  • supporting documentation of program
  • proof of acceptance into the program
  • signed endorsement/reference
  • state connection to the Adventist community
  • summarise personal achievements to date as well as intermediate and long-term goals
  • outline how the program will benefit both themselves and the Adventist Community E.G. include details of how the acquired skills will lead to improved support and inclusion for those with accessibility needs.

Fine Print: 😊

The scholarship will be awarded:

  • after commencement of the program/course
  • only if a worthwhile qualifying candidate is available
  • at the discretion of CSFBHI management who reserve the right to vary the conditions

Send application to:


The Manager
Christian Services for the Blind & Hearing Impaired
PO Box 1115

Previous AAS recipients


Jessica, from Sydney, a fully sighted and hearing person, is a volunteer church worker who is personally investing in helping the Deaf, learning Auslan in order to become a pastor to the Deaf community. Her PPES is funding her Deaf Society Diploma of Interpreting studies.

“Learning more about Deaf culture and increasing my Auslan fluency will allow me to create a point of access to the Seventh-day Adventist Church for any Deaf person living in Sydney,” she says.


Tim, a young man who once attended a CSFBHI New Vision Camp for the Blind as a teen, used his PPES to partially fund a residential independent living course in the USA.


Jeanette, aged 16 in 2018, is profoundly Deaf, comes from the remote Gaua Island of Vanuatu. She is a student at Matafanga Adventist Primary and Special Needs School on the island. Her PPES in part funded her to fly to Brisbane to receive tuition in Auslan from a highly skilled and fluent Auslan teacher. Her much improved signing ability has equipped her with the necessary skills to earn an internationally recognised High School Leaver’s Certificate (Australian Year 12 equivalent). On her return home, her parents and the school noted how that she was so much more confident in communicating using sign language, especially with strangers. This has inspired her profoundly Deaf younger sister to also use and improve her sign language.

Listen to Jeanette here tell something of her experience.

Deaf Church Down Under (corporate)

The Deaf Church Down Under, operated by Mark Davey (pictured on the left), with the support of his Logan Reserve, Queensland, church, runs an extensive range of Auslan-interpreted programs for the Deaf. It is the chief organiser of the CSFBHI-supported Deaf Camps, which it has run annually, first at the Natural Arch, Queensland, at Jindbyne, NSW, and most recently at the Catalina Conference Centre, Rathmines, NSW.